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Monitor your URL
in less than a minute and save your SEO

If while you are reading these lines, someone modifies, deletes, or redirects an important URL
Who will notice it immediately and inform you?

Are you really going to wait until you notice a loss of visibility before acting?


SEO, Online Sellers or Publishers,
Oseox Sitemap takes cares of everything

Import URL from a text file or specify the URL of your sitemap XML and we will make sure that nothing is changed.
Once a day, you will receive an email with the URL that no longer respond in 200.
You can react immediately and save the SEO of the monitored site.

Oseox Sitemap is a very simple tool, but essential for securing your SEO.

A helpful and easy to use SEO tool.

Enter the URL of your sitemaps XML or import a text file and THAT'S IT!

Each day our bot will monitor your URL. If a URL no longer responds in 200, if for example it has been redirected or erased, you are notified by email in less than 24 hours!

Sofware Oseox sitemap

Automatically monitor your 301 redirections

Have you modified URL and deployed 301 redirections ?
Did you check it out ? Is that okay ? Perfect !

But if the redirections are removed... who's going to warn you? No one checks regularly. Losing 301 redirections can be catastrophic.

Add in 1 click a list of URL in 301 and Oseox SITEMAP will check for you every day !

We take care of them

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